About me

I began my fascination for clay when I was 17 whilst completing a B-Tech in General Art and Design, it was a material that had so many qualities and possibilities and these elements are still the foundation for my love of clay today. I then completed a BA (Hons) in Ceramics at Cardiff which gave me the chance to learn a more in-depth knowledge and a greater insight to the different disciplines of clay and focused much of my early work on combining hand built pieces and throwing, which is still relevant in some of the work to date.

To support my studies at University I took on a job at the National Welsh Museum teaching clay workshops to local school children and the public, supporting various exhibitions being held at the Museum. From this experience I knew that teaching would be an obvious path for me, I loved the reaction people had when they were first introduced to clay and loved working with this excitement and the endless possibilities that clay holds, so I enrolled on a PCGE course in Secondary Art and Design at Plymouth University. I have now been teaching for 17 years. Since having my 2 boys, I have taught on a part time basis which has freed me up to spend more time at home on my own work and commission based pieces. I exhibit my work at least once a year.

My work is about balancing form, pattern and colour, but each piece I make has a connection to a memory, feeling or a person past and present. The titles I give to my work are also an important aspect of the making process. The process which I work is loosely based on an idea I have drawn down but often my work will take a different route due to the changeable states and sometimes unpredictable behaviours of the clay and I then have to renegotiate the form, patterns, textures and colour. The decorating stage is the most important stage for me, the engagement of paper stencils on forms, colour, drawing, scratching and over layering is a really exciting and creative process, this is the stage where I can put my personality into the work and make it meaningful. The work I produce ranges from domestic use to sculptural forms which are all currently fired at stoneware temperatures.

When I’m not working I love to row with my “Red R’oar” team mates, play rugby for our local ladies’ team and best of all being with my family and friends.

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